ORACLEAR What happens when humans and bots team together to provide verification services for smart contracts? In 2028, the service Oraclear combines prediction markets with legally-binding Ethereum smart contracts to offer the highest-confidence assessments for the lowest price. Finding early success as a referee-of-last-resort in esports competitions, Oraclear’s uncannily impressive track record soon attracts the… Continue reading Oraclear

Client: Disaster Radio My Role: Logo Design and Video Production, Hardware Enclosure Design and Prototyping Collaboration: Sudo Mesh and Secure Scuttlebutt, with additional support from the Internet Society and Institute For the Future. This immersive experience was presented as interactive theater during the 2018 Institute for the Future annual conference. A team of eight ORACLEAR… Continue reading

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IFTF Digital Archive

Image from IFTF Research report on the future of work.

The Institute for the Future is a non-profit think tank that was established in 1968. Over 50 years of practicing futures thinking has lead to the publication of a large quantity of fascinating reports. The digitization of IFTF’s early archive ensures long-term preservation of historical documents, and a fully searchable online database improves accessibility. Digital… Continue reading IFTF Digital Archive