What happens when humans and bots team together to provide verification services for smart contracts? In 2028, the service Oraclear combines prediction markets with legally-binding Ethereum smart contracts to offer the highest-confidence assessments for the lowest price. Finding early success as a referee-of-last-resort in esports competitions, Oraclear’s uncannily impressive track record soon attracts the attention of insurers, legal firms and even governments. As decisions take place at an ever faster pace, how do we pair machines and people to continuously verify what we want to know?

This excerpt from a forecast scenario written by Lyn Jeffery and Mark Frauenfelder an IFTF report titled Remodeling Trust.

During the annual 2018 IFTF conference, this work was presented on stage, and as an immersive experience where conference attendees have the opportunity to interact with Oraclear agents from the year 2028.


September 2018

Client: Institute for the Future (IFTF)

My Role: Project Lead

Collaboration: The Oraclear experience builds on the published work of IFTF researchers. Significant contributions to the work were made by: Dave Davila (lead actor), and Matt Ganucheau (wrist computer programming), and Will Nickley (logo design).